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Two guys started a band and this is what became of them...


Adam Osterling                                                                                                            Tyler Land
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Hi I'm Adam,
    I'm the lead singer/songwriter.  I've been writing since I was 18. I started out writing rap, and then onto poetry; which has been my mainstay for a decade, and now i wrtie songs for others enjoyment. I didn't find my voice till I was a teenager and my brother (Josh) got me into Incubus, and I started imitating Brandon Boyd. I've since honed my vocals and I don't think i sound half bad.  Believe it or not I couldn't sing at all as a kid; so thank you Brandon Boyd for teaching me. I'm excited to release some awesomeness upon the world through our passion that is music.
 Band History 
     It all started from a Facebook   post by Tyler (guitarist/songwriter) looking for someone to jam with; well if you didn't know, I, Adam (lead singer/songwriter) can't play an instrument to save my life (though I do play a pretty mean kazoo), anywho I wrote him none the less that while I couldn't play I could sing and write. So we got together and started hanging out and making music, and almost instantly became very good friends. At the time I was out of work on short-term disability with what they thought was tendonitis; it wasn't, but not important. I was out of work for two months. Tyler was in between jobs, and due to all this free time we had we started working on our music together. As time went on, beyond the two months, we both got jobs, and started haaving troubles practicing and writing together due to schedule differences. We still get together when we can and are excited to make more music. There is still a mountain of gold to be discovered between us, and as we grow and hone our skills and add a couple of bandmates; we will make something of ourselves. We have the tools, we have the drive, and we have the talent. So in short please join us on this fantastic voyage to a new revolution...
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